Lab Events

2024 April 25: Festival at VISTEC-MSE

2024 Apl 02: Welcoming Hanami party for Jan Weiss from Dortmund, three M1 students Kurahashi, Matsui, Inoue-san, and Undergrads Kamiya, Ohmori, Yamasaki, Takada, Tsuda-san!

2024 Mar 13: Farewell lunch

2024 Feb 16: Celebration of master degrees for Junwen, Haoyang, Kageyama, and welcoming Nan, Au, Naziyila

2023 Dec 19: Fan completed his PhD defense!

2023 Dec 14: Year-end party and welcoming Shao-Min and Taotao

2023 Nov 30: We are the champion!  Thank you!  ARE  by Negoro

2023 Oct 16: Welcome back Zhichong and farewell to Ikeda-san, and guests undergrad students

2023 Aug 10: The 2nd KAPS Symposium and thank you everyone for joining!

2023 June 12: Farewell to Ayoub and thank you party for lab moving

2023 April 20: Party at Grad School of Sci Tatami room. Farewell to Chris and Tingting

2023 Mar 16: Graduation celebration for Paul, Sara, Ohara, Urai with Furukawa G

2023 Jan 20: Welcome party for Noey

2023 Jan 19: PhD defense of Paul

2022 Nov 13: Celebrating Tee's graduation

2022 Aug 05: We did an in-person meeting at VISTEC after 2.5 years’ absence

2022 Sep 30: Welcome party for Kadota and Tingting

2022 Jun 29: We welcome Rasmus from Aalboug Univ. and Saly from Ircelyon with JSPS short-term program

2022 Jun 09: Welcome party for Chris, Waen, Ellan, Siquan, Zhichong, Haoyang, Junwen, Zhouyi, and Nishiguchi

2021 Dec 17: Year-end Takoyaki party

2021 Nov 17: Lab hiking at Daimonji

2021 Jul 20: Farewell for Chinmoy and welcomiing Drs Tabe, Loris, and Namiki-san

2021 Apr 9: Welcoming Kageyama-san, Kato-san, Iwami-san and farewell to Otsuka-san

2020 Dec 3: Welcoming Ging, Sara, Luo and farewell to Waen

2020 Jul 10: A snapshop of two groups welcoming two undergrads Ohara and Hiramatsu

2020 Mar 12: Farewell party for Kadota, Sanjog, and Kurihara

2020 Feb 21: Welcome party for Tee and Korn from VISTEC

2020 Jan 27: A first farewell party for Dr Nagarkar who will back to India to join IIT Bombay Chem

2019 Dec 13: Our lab at Thai-VISTEC started installation research facilities. BEL-mini with new students Tee and Korn

2019 Dec 11: Welcome party for Waen and Mr Zeyu Fan from Osaka Univ.

2019 Nov 8: Discussion with Prof Inoue from Osaka Univ. and Prof Nakanishi from Nagoya Univ.

2019 Oct 11: We had a farewell party for Ling and Kejun from Shanghai Univ. with other groups colleagues

2019 Sep 17: Welcome party for Dr Yumin Huang from Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China as CSC visiting researcher

2019 Aug 7: Organized a meeting on ionics materials with Profs Yoshikawa (Kwansei Gakuin U), Okubo (U Tokyo), Yamada (Kyushu U)

2019 Jun 27: Welcome party for Kurihara-kun and farewell for First

2019 May 17: Welcome party for Paul, Ling, and Kejun

2019 Apr 23: Dinner with Dr Ryota Sakamoto from U Tokyo

2019 Mar 19: Farewell party for Gen

2019 Feb 6: Welcome party for First and Ton from VISTEC

2018 Dec 17: Year-end party

2018 Oct 11: Farewell party for Dr Hosono

2018 Sep 18: Dinner with Prof. Chandrabhas Narayana, jncasr 

2018 Sep 12: Farewell for Kanya from VISTEC, and welcome Chinmoy from IIT Bombay

2018 Aug 7: After JST SICORP project meeting. We welcome Aude, Alexandra, Oleksandra from IRCELYON, and Laela from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

2018 Jul 23: Welcome party for Chen from Shanghai Univ. and Kanya from VISTEC at Teramachi Izakaya

2018 May: Group photo

2018 ??  at HUB Karasuma

2018 May 1: Welcome party for Ogawa and Hinokimoto

2018 Feb 26: Dinner with the team of Dr. Nishiyama (JEOL) and Dr. Inukai from Tokushima Univ.

2018 Feb 23: Farewell for Ohara

2017 Dec 14: Party for Azuma-san

2017 Nov 27: Symposium at Kyoto with invited speakers - Prof. Eddaoudi, Dr. Thallapally, Prof. Zhang, Prof. Zhao

2017 Sep 1: Welcome party for Bai, Jet, Tom and William

2017 May: Group photo